Concepts Integration Labs

The College of Nursing employs state-of-the-art simulation technology in training our students to combine technical concepts and critical thinking skills with the practice of providing quality patient care.

Our labs are equipped with mounted video cameras, and several of the rooms include an observation area that allows faculty and staff to view simulations so that students can be debriefed following each session.

Our Labs by the Numbers

  • 7,700 square feet of advanced simulation lab space on the second, third and fourth floors of the College of Nursing.
  • 140+ simulations run during the 2019-2020 school year
  • 55+ simulation manikins that are diverse in age, race, and gender that test a variety of skills
  • 8 Simulation labs equipped with the latest medical and simulation tools available, including dozens of manikins, compressed air to allow simulation of medical air, oxygen and suction, stand-up computer stations, and well as computers that operate video and sound recording and playback for debriefing in each lab space.
  • 2-way mirrors divide labs and observation that allow faculty and students to observe the simulation without distracting those taking part.


There are many naming opportunities for our labs and throughout our building. Contact our Director of Development.


Society for Simulation in Healthcare Accreditation Logo The College of Nursing’s Concepts Integration Labs are fully accredited by the Society of Simulation in Healthcare in the areas of Teaching and Education. To receive accreditation, the college’s Concepts Integration Laboratories had to demonstrate compliance with core standards and teaching/education standards set by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).