New Student Orientations

Several orientations are held throughout the year to assist students in their transition to ECU and the College of Nursing. Incoming freshmen and transfer students attend orientation during the summer or prior to the start of their first semester. The College of Nursing holds orientations at the beginning of fall and spring semester for students admitted to the pre-licensure BSN, RN to BSN and graduate programs.

Students will receive email communication with time, location and other information about their scheduled orientation. For more information, find the appropriate contact below.


First-year orientation is organized through ECU’s Office of Student Transitions. Visit their First-Year Programs page for more information.

Transfer Students

Newly-admitted ECU transfer students pursuing their first undergraduate degree will receive information about the ECU Online Transfer Orientation from the Office of Student Transitions.

Transfer students pursuing their first undergraduate degree should complete this online transfer orientation and then e-mail an appropriate College of Nursing adviser, providing the code received at the conclusion of the ECU orientation.

Pre-licensure BSN

Christy Letchworth at 252-744-6422 or


Stacey Vernelson at 252-744-6470 or

Accelerated Second-Degree BSN

Joshua Thigpen at 252-744-6477 or


Kelly Cleaton at 252-744-6498 or

Graduate Programs

Christy Letchworth at 252-744-6422 or


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