Administering Blood Products


  • Blood Tubing
  • Blood (verified from blood bank)
  • Gloves
  • Normal Saline
  • Equipment for Vital Signs
  • Another Nurse for Verification


  1. Verify Order
  2. WIIAPA:
    1. Wash hands
    2. Introduce self
    3. Identify patient (use 2 identifiers)
    4. Allergies – don’t forget food allergies
    5. Plan of care
    6. Assess patient

  1. Educate Patient of Procedure
  2. Check that patient has completed and signed transfusion consent
  3. Check patency and gauge of IV
  4. Obtain Blood Tubing and Normal Saline and organize on clean, clutter free bedside stand or over bed table
  5. If ordered, give pre-medication
  6. Take Vital Signs (pre-transfusion vitals)
  7. Obtain blood component from blood bank
  8. Verify order with blood bank, switch and repeat verification
  9. At patient’s bedside, Verify blood with another RN identifying:
    1. Patient using at least two identifiers
    2. Blood component received matches what the MD ordered
    3. Transfusion record number and patient’s ID number match (MRN)
    4. Unit number on blood bag and unit number on blood tag match
    5. Blood type of patient matches blood type received
    6. Expiration date and time
    7. Switch and repeat by both RNs
  1. Perform hand hygiene and prime tubing with Normal Saline
  2. Connect tubing to blood product
  3. Prime tubing with blood product to distal end of tubing, stopping just before blood is at the end of the tubing.
  4. Maintaining asepsis, attach primed tubing to patient’s IV after cleansing the catheter hub
  1. Set infusion rate at 120mL/hr for initial 15 minutes.
  2. Watch patient for the first 15 minutes for reaction
  3. Take vital signs at 15 minutes
  4. If there is a reaction:
  5. If no reaction after 15 minutes, increase infusion rate to 200mL/hr if tolerated by patient. Remember, blood can hang for no more than 4 hours from when it began infusing.
  6. After infusion, take Vital Signs & flush IV site.
  7. Dispose of supplies
  8. Hand Hygiene
  9. Document


Reference: Laplante, N., Perry, A.G, Potter, P.A., & Ostendorf, W.R. (2022). Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques (10th ed., pp. 1178-1184). Elsevier