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  1. WIIAPA:
    1. Wash hands
    2. Introduce self
    3. Identify patient (use 2 identifiers)
    4. Allergies – don’t forget food allergies
    5. Plan of care
    6. Assess patient

  1. Perform hand hygiene and apply clean gloves.
  2. Empty Hemovac
    1. Maintain asepsis while opening plug on port indicated for emptying drainage reservoir.
    2. Drain contents into measuring container
    3. Hold uncovered antiseptic swab in dominant hand. Place suction device on flat surface with opening outlet facing upward; continue pressing downward until bottom and top are in contact.
    4. Holding device flat with one hand and using antiseptic swab, quickly clean opening, plug with other hand, and immediately replace plug; secure suction device on patient’s bed.
  3. Empty JP suction drain
    1. Open port on top of bulb-shaped reservoir. Note: Open device away from you to prevent spray to face.
    2. Tilt bulb in direction of port and drain toward opening. Clean end of emptying port and plug with antiseptic wipe.
    3. Compress bulb over drainage container. While compressing bulb, replace plug immediately.
  4. Place and secure drainage system below site with safety pin or tape on patient’s gown. Be sure that there is slack in tubing from reservoir to wound.
  5. Note characteristics of drainage in measuring container; measure volume and discard by flushing in commode.

Reference: Laplante, N., Perry, A.G, Potter, P.A., & Ostendorf, W.R. (2022). Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques. 10th ed. Elsevier