Reconstitution of Medication


  • Gloves
  • Alcohol pads
  • Medication
  • Sterile diluent
  • Syringe
  • Needle for drawing up diluent and medication


  1. WIIAPA:
    1. Wash hands
    2. Introduce self
    3. Identify patient (use 2 identifiers)
    4. Allergies – don’t forget food allergies
    5. Plan of care
    6. Assess patient

  1. Verify Order
  2. Check MAR
  3. Prepare vial containing powder medication and vial of proper diluent (i.e.: sterile saline, sterile water, etc.)
  4. Remove the cap from both vials. Clean both vials with alcohol swab and allow to dry.
  5. Pull the plunger back, drawing up air, in the syringe to the amount of diluent you plan to withdraw. This amount will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggestion.
  6. With dilutant vial on a flat surface, inject air into the airspace of the diluent vial, holding firm on the plunger.
  7. Invert vial while firmly holding on the syringe and plunger and withdraw the indicated amount of diluent indicated for the dose ordered.
    1. Remember to keep the tip of the needle below fluid level.
    2. Allow air pressure from vial to fill syringe, pulling slightly on plunger if needed to obtain correct amount.
  8. Inject diluent into the dry (powdered) medication vial then remove needle.
  9. Mix medication thoroughly by rolling vial in palms until the medication is completely dissolved in the liquid. Do not shake.
  10. The mixture is ready to administer once dissolved.
  11. Read label carefully to determine the dose after reconstitution.
  12. With correct syringe, withdraw the amount of the reconstituted medication indicated to get the ordered dosage. BE VERY CAREFUL TO CALCULATE ACCURATE DOSE!!
  13. Administer per route ordered by physician.
  14. Document