Faculty Resources

Several resources are available at ECU to assist you with your research including finding collaborators within the university and across the North Carolina university system, identifying funding sources, and assisting with your grant applications.

The Division of Research, Economic Development, and Engagement has several services available to assist you in searching for funding opportunities and support for writing and reviewing your grant proposals.”

University Research Policies

Institutional Review


East Carolina University Library sites contain access to popular databases that hold thousands of journals, articles, books, and more to support your research.

The college’s library liaisons are Amanda Haberstroh (haberstroha17@ecu.edu) and Carrie Forbes (forbesc@ecu.edu).

Research Management and Funding Support

Other Resources


Funding Oportunities

Nurse scientists have a variety of options available to them when it comes to pursuing research funding. While not conclusive, this list provides a starting point for investigating organizations that support nursing research.