Dr. Laura Gantt

Laura Gantt, PhD, RN, CEN, NE-BC, CHSE

“We have a great population of students! Such a large number of students lends itself really well to doing research.”

  • Research Interest: How can healthcare simulation be used most effectively to evaluate student learning and performance
  • Innovation: Educators need to know a lot more about how technology, specifically simulation, can best be used in teaching students.
  • Research Context / Setting: Rubric development and testing occurring over 10-15 years in multiple institutions.
  • Research Population: Students
  • Sampling Strategy: Randomized sections of students into one of three types of debriefing methods after simulation and looked at learning outcomes.
  • Collaborators: Medical colleagues
  • Funding: Grants

Dr. Gantt’s most recent work has involved working with several authors to describe (and hopefully publish) the development and reliability testing of a specific simulation evaluation rubric that they developed, with Gantt’s assistance.

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