I am in high school and have never attended college and want to earn my BSN from ECU. What should I do first?

You should contact ECU Undergraduate Admissions ( to obtain information about admission to the university. Your first two years of study will be devoted to completing General Education/Foundation Curriculum requirements and the Nursing Science Prerequisites.

When can I apply to the BSN option?

Students apply to the BSN option when they are completing their last semester of prerequisite courses – either fall or spring semester. Students usually complete prerequisite courses their sophomore year in college, but some students could apply their freshman year depending on transfer courses, dual-enrolled high school courses, or being an Early College graduate.

What are the deadlines to apply to the BSN option?

The BSN application deadline date is February 1st for fall admissions and September 1st for spring admissions. Additional application information can be found on our website.

How many students are accepted each semester?

ECU College of Nursing accepts 130 BSN students each semester. We usually receive anywhere between 200 – 250 applications each semester for the BSN option.

Is there a pre-admissions entrance exam that is required for the BSN option?

Students applying for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, BSN option, are required to take the HESI Admission Assessment (A 2) examination and submit their exam score report along with their application. More information about the HESI Admissions Assessment (A 2) examination.

How are applications evaluated?

The College of Nursing uses a BSN admission ranking formula to determine admission to the College of Nursing. The BSN ranking formula is composed of points awarded for cumulative GPA and success in the previously mentioned specified courses. More information regarding the BSN admission ranking formula.

When should I expect my admissions decision letter?

Admissions decision letter for the BSN option are mailed out a month and a half following the application deadline dates each semester.

Is there a waitlist?

Applicants will receive admissions decisions via email indicating if they have been admitted, denied or waitlisted. Waitlisted students may be notified up until the day courses start if a space becomes available in the program. If spaces do not become available, the waitlist does not carry over to the following term. Waitlisted applicants must submit a new application to be considered for future admissions.

Is there a time limit on prerequisite courses for the BSN option?

No, there is currently no time limit on prerequisite courses for the BSN option.