College of Nursing Safety Council

“The mission of the CON Safety Council is to provide information and resources for how to prepare for and respond to emergency situations, hostile environments, and other threats to safety.”


Emergency Contact Number
In case of an emergency call 911
Police Emergency Numbers
Emergency (East Campus PD) 911 Takes you to East Campus PD
Emergency (Health Sciences Campus) 9-911
Takes you to Pitt Co. 911
500 Health Sciences Drive
Greenville NC 27834
Police Non-Emergency Numbers
Non-Emergency Brody 252-744-2246
Non-Emergency Main Campus 252-328-6787
Greenville PD Non-Emergency 252-329-4315
Greenville Fire & Rescue 252-329-4390
NC Highway Patrol 252-752-6118
Pitt County Sheriff 252-830-4141

Please notify the following of any emergency or non-emergency events in the building

Mr. Justin Freeman
Executive Director of
Business & Administrative Affairs
4205K Health Sciences Building
Police Non-Emergency Numbers
College of Nursing Counseling Center 252-744-6492
Campus Emergency Information Hotline Closings, Weather Updates, etc. 252-328-0062
School of Medicine Information Hotline Closings, Weather Updates, etc. 252-744-5080 or 252-744-5181
Facilities Services – to report damages West Campus 252-744-2251
Parking & Traffic -Main Campus 252-328-6294
Parking & Traffic -West Campus 252-744-1054


Storm Safe Rooms
Floor Room Number
First Floor 1100, 1102, 1104, 1185B, 1120
Second Floor 2100, 2102, 2106
Third Floor 3104, 3142
Fourth Floor 4165 A/B, 4165 C

AED Locations
Floor Room Number
Second Floor Outside Lab 2100/2102
Third Floor Outside Lab 3100/3102

First Aid Kit Locations
Floor Room Number
First Floor 1130A
Second Floor 2175
Third Floor 3188
Fourth Floor 4205

Fire Extinguisher Locations
First Floor
1100 (Classroom) Inside 1100 right entrance
1100 (Lobby) Left of 1100 next to building exit
1102 (Classroom) Inside left entrance of 1102
1104 (Classroom) Inside 1104 by right exit
1104 (Lobby) Right of entrance
1120 (Classroom) Inside right entrance
1130 (Hallway) Beside loading dock exit – across from 1130
1177 (Hallway) Across from men’s bathroom
Second Floor
2100 (Hallway) On hallway left of 2100 entrance
2106B (Lab) Between entrances to 2106B and 2106
2122 (Hallway) Across from office 2122
2160 (LRC) In the electric closet inside 2160
2160 (Stairwell) Outside LRC exit near stairway door
2170 (Hallway) Across from Men’s bathroom
Third Floor
3106 (Hallway) Left of 3106 entrance
3123 (Hallway) Across from offices 3123 and 3124
3153 (Hallway) Left of 3100A entrance
3166 (Hallway) Across from 3166A-F entrance near stairway door
3172 (Hallway) In the electric closet
3179 (Hallway) Across from office 3179 near end of hallway
3188 (Break room) Inside break room left of entrance
Fourth Floor
4165C (Hallway) Across from 4165C and 4165B
4165Q (Hallway) Across from stairway #2 doorway and 4165R
4300A Across from 4300A (kitchen) door

Fire/Fire Drill Assembly Locations
  • Stand back 100 feet (beyond the 1st “A” parking sign in the front parking lot toward 5th street).
  • Stand back 100 feet (in the “B” parking lot toward the Family Medicine building).

Safety Council Members & Floor Captains
ECU College of Nursing Safety Council members & Floor Captains
Gwen Tyson Chair
Lou Anne Baldree Member, Floor Captain 2 nd Floor
Josie Bowman Floor Captain 3 rd Floor
Delores Bunting Floor Captain 2 nd Floor
Nik Fishel Floor Captain 1 st Floor
Theresa Holman Editor
Joy Morgan Secretary, Floor Captain 3 rd Floor
Brenda Smith Member, Floor Captain 4 th Floor

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