Study Abroad Requirements

  • Student in good academic standing in a statement from the academic advisor or program director.
  • Travel Health Insurance

Student Medical Evaluation

Each student will be seen by a medical provider/travel clinic for pre-trip advice about the prevention of personal health problems and to receive country appropriate immunizations and malaria prophylaxis. The Brody School of Medicine has a Travel Clinic as well as some NC county health departments as well as private travel clinics.

During the Travel Clinic visit, the student will undergo the following:

  • Vaccinations appropriate for the country(s) to be visited
  • Placement of a tuberculin skin test (PPD) if not done within the previous 12 months
  • Prescription for medication for the prevention of malaria (if appropriate)
  • Receive an International Certificate of Vaccination (should be kept with passport when traveling)
  • If the student is or becomes ill upon return the student must be evaluated by the Travel Clinic physician.
  • Six weeks after returning to the USA the student must return to the Travel Clinic to have a post-trip PPD placed and read.

Students may e-mail the Travel Clinic physician for advice and consultation should they become ill in country.

Financial Resources

Scholarships are competitive so apply as soon as you know you are going to e traveling abroad.Simple effective strategies:

  • Work as team to earn money; bake sales, car wash, progressive dinner, etc.
  • Ask all gifts you receive be money gifts that you will use for study abroad
  • Seek money from civic clubs, organizations, religious institutions; the Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Civitan, Professional Women’s clubs, local Chamber of Commerce in your home town; offer to provide a presentation upon your return.
  • Investigate scholarships offered by nursing organizations in which you are a member

Financial Assistance:

  • ECU Office of Financial Aid-tuition
  • Pell Grant recipients are eligible for federal scholarship; meet with student financial aid
  • Federal student loan recipients are eligible for an additional loan; meet with student financial aid


  • Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Nu (if you are a member)
  • East Carolina Scholars: (252-328-6373)
  • ECU-CON Scholarship
  • Sarah’s Wish Foundation
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program: Sponsored by US Department of State & Cultural Affairs, for undergraduate students and those receiving Federal Pell Grants or US citizens who are planning to study abroad; must begin the application one full semester before their study abroad program begins.
  • Foundations for Global Scholars (must be US citizen):
    1. Foundation for Global Scholars General Scholarship-$500.00-$1000.00
    2. STA Travel Scholar Award $2500.00
    3. Global Links Learning Abroad Internship Scholarship-$1000; GPA 3.0
    4. Banks Family Scholarship for future leaders $1000.00; GPA 3.0
  • Go Abroad!
  • Nurse Educational Funds, Inc.
  • Diversity Abroad

Travel Information

Travel Abroad Orientation Guide

Orientation Guide Provided by ECU Office of Continuing Studies.