RIBN Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the program:

  • Four units of English
  • Two units of social studies (one in US History)
  • Four units of mathematics (algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and an advanced unit of mathematics beyond algebra II)
  • Three units of science (life science, physical science, and a laboratory course; biology and chemistry preferred)
  • Two units of a language other than English
  • To be eligible for admission to the RIBN program a student must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Testing Requirements

Students must take either the SAT, ACT or  ATI TEAS Version 7* for admission to RIBN.

Pre-Admission Test Scores

Exam ComponentSAT
Total Score1030
Exam ComponentACT
Exam ComponentATI TEAS Version 7
Community College Link for TEAS Requirements
Beaufort County Community Collegehttps://www.beaufortccc.edu/allied-health-admissions/teas-admission-testing
Cape Fear Community Collegehttps://cfcc.edu/admissions/health-sciences-enrollment/
Carteret Community CollegeDoes not accept TEAS
Coastal Community CollegeDoes not accept TEAS
College of the Albemarlehttps://www.albemarle.edu/wp-content/uploads/adn-fact-sheet.pdf

Craven Community Collegehttps://cravencc.edu/applying-craven/health-programs-applications/associate-degree-nursing-adn-admission-requirements
Edgecome Community Collegehttps://edgecombe.edu/programs/health-sciences/nursing/admission-to-adn-and-pn-programs/
Halifax Community Collegehttps://halifaxcc.edu/Academics/HealthSciences/Nursing.php
James Sprunt Community Collegehttps://jamessprunt.edu/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/A45110-1.pdf
Johnston Community Collegehttps://www.johnstoncc.edu/programs/health-sciences/associate-degree-nursing/_documents/AdmissionsRequirementsADN_2021.pdf

Lenoir Community CollegeDoes not accept TEAS
Nash Community CollegeDoes not accept TEAS
Pitt Community Collegehttps://pittcc.edu/academics/academic-programs/health-sciences-division/health-sciences-admissions/curriculum-sheets/
Roanoke-Chowan Community CollegeDoes not accept TEAS
Sampson Community College https://www.sampsoncc.edu/special-admissions/nursing-admissions/
Wayne Community Collegehttps://sftp.waynecc.edu/alliedhealth/ADNInfo2024-WebPacket.pdf
Wilson Community College https://www.wilsoncc.edu/wp-content/uploads/WCC_ADA_ADN_AdmissionsPacket_08-22-2022.pdf

Prior to entering year two of the ENC RIBN curriculum, each student must have a criminal background check.

*TEAS: The ATI TEAS Version 7 minimum score requirements are determined by each community college that requires the TEAS exam.  Please check with your community college of choice for ranking criteria for TEAS exam.