DNP Mission


The Doctor of Nursing Practice Program educates advanced practice nurses in the delivery of interprofessional, evidence-based, culturally relevant, and patient-centered care in rural and urban settings throughout eastern North Carolina and beyond.


To develop advanced practice nurses to lead, improve, and transform current and evolving health care.

Program Goals

  • To prepare nurses as leaders in advanced practice roles.
  • To prepare clinical scholars skilled in the translation of research.
  • To prepare nurses in the measurement of patient outcomes.
  • To prepare nurses in the transformation of health care systems to ensure quality and safety.

Program Outcomes

  • Integrate nursing science with knowledge from ethics, the biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, and organizational sciences as the basis for the highest level of nursing practice.
  • Demonstrate organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement in health care systems.>
  • Apply clinical scholarship and analytical methods to evidence-based practice.
  • Use information systems technology and patient care technology to improve and transform health care.
  • Demonstrate leadership in health care policy for advocacy in health care.
  • Collaborate with interprofessional and intraprofessional teams to improve patient and population health outcomes through the application of evidence-based health resources.