2023 College of Nursing Endowments

as of June 30, 2023

Donors have gifted a minimum of $25,000 for these designated perpetuals awards


Robert J. Wysocki Research Endowment

Faculty Support

Melissa (BSN ’95) and Martin Anderson Faculty Support Endowment in Honor of Blanche K. Monroe (BS ’62, MFA ’89) and in Honor of Franki C. Anderson (BS ’63)
Richard R. Eakin Distinguished Professorship
The Morris Family Faculty Support Endowment
Evelyn Perry Professorship
Bridget Rogers (BSN ’77) Nursing Faculty Support Endowment
Charles and Shirley Sidbury Memorial Faculty Support Endowment

Honor Scholarships

Dorothy Marshall Cummings Honors Scholarship
Selba (BSN ’64) & James (BS ’63) Harris Honors Scholarship
Charlotte M. Martin (BSN ’64) Memorial Beta Nu Scholarship
Eldean (BSN ’74, MSN ’77) and Hal Pierce Beta Nu Scholarship
Elizabeth R. & David L. Ward Honors Scholarship


American Legion #39 Scholarship Doris Taylor Ahlsen Scholarship
John “Jack” and Margaret “Maggie” Bagg Scholarship
Berbecker Foundation Health Sciences Scholarship
Blaise Michael Youngs Scholarship
Blythe-Kinsland-Kirkpatrick International Scholarship
Jane H. Boardman Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Judy Redfern Chesnutt (BS ’63) Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Norma M. Daffin Neonatal Parent/Child Scholarship
Pam Demaree (BSN ’81) & Mike McGinnis Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn D. (“Timmie”) DeSimone Memorial Scholarship
Tammy Hardee Duval (MSN ’02) Nurse Anesthesia Scholarship
John and Lula Evans Scholarship
Gilda Engiman Everett ( BSN ‘76 , MSN ‘94)
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Scholarship
Mary Lou Schulz Fisher (BSN ’84) Memorial Scholarship
Linda (MA ‘76) and Russell (BA ‘71) Fleming Scholarship
Marguerite K. & Van Calvin Fleming Scholarship
Eunice Mann Garner Memorial Scholarship
Sylvia A. Hardy Memorial Scholarship
Dotty Bennett Harrell (BSN ‘77 ) Scholarship
Sherry Hawkins (BSN ’94) RN to BSN Scholarship
Mabel Cooper Hayden Memorial Scholarship
Ethel Smith Hicks Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Hospice of Tar Heel Scholarship
Robert K. Hunter (BS ’62) Family Scholarship
Carol Irons Undergraduate Global Initiative Scholarship
Tom and Carol Irons Graduate Global Initiative Scholarship
Louise V. Ish Memorial Midwifery Scholarship
J A’s Uniform Shop Scholarship
Jennifer Horns James Scholarship
Mary A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Robert L. Jones Scholarship
Jordan (BSN ’78) – Leahy (BSN ’78) Scholarship
Catherine & Max Joyner Scholarship Rachel Klitzman (BSN ’05) Memorial Scholarship
Alice Etheridge Liles Scholarship
Lillie Rose Scholarship Endowment
Louise Metts Lloyd Scholarship
Sgt. Major John Lossie (USMC) RN-BSN Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Maura McAuliffe Nurse Anesthetist Scholarship
NC Sheltering Arms Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons Scholarship
Mary Ann Rose and Walter Pories Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Diana Snodgrass Olive (BSN ’81) Memorial Scholarship
Eugenia Mae Eckerd Perkins Scholarship Endowment
Perry-Oyler Scholarship
Pitt County Memorial Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship
Linda Winton Pynn (BSN ’87, MSN ’03) Nurse Practitioner Scholarship
Drs. Raabs’ Nurses Scholarship Endowment
Roccapriore-Tschetter Fellowship
Samia (MD ’90) Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Service League of Greenville Scholarship
The Nicholas Steward (BS ’07; MBA ’11) Family Scholarship Endowment
Martha Whitehurst Tarkington Scholarship
Taylor Foundation Scholarship
Eva W. Warren Memorial Scholarship
Vicki C. (BSN ’82, MSN’94) Whitehurst and Steven E. Whitehurst Scholarship
Annie Dixon Wilson Scholarship
Cecil Troy Wilson Scholarship
Patricia Perry Womble (BSN ’76, MSN ’81) Memorial Scholarship
Frances Overton Wysocki Memorial Scholarship
Bob Yow (BSN ’77) Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Scholarship
Patricia Ann Yow (BSN ’74) Memorial Scholarship

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