2022 Lifetime Donations to the College of Nursing

as of June 30, 2022

Donor levels include lifelong giving totals to all Nursing funds as of June 30, 2022

Platinum ($100,000 & above)

Estate of George W. Ahlsen Jr.
Mr. James W. Chesnutt (BS ’63)
Ms. Norma Miller Daffin
Eunice Garner Trust
Mr. James A. Harris, Jr. (BS ’63) and Mrs. Selba Morris Harris (BSN ’64)
Estate of Mabel C. Hayden
Hospice of East Carolina
Dr. Thomas Grant Irons
Mr. Roberts L. Jones (BA ’58) and Mrs. Eve Avery Jones
Mr. Max Ray Joyner, Sr. (BS ’55)
Ms. Patricia G. Morris (BA ’81, BSN ’85)
Mr. Hal Warren Pierce (BA ’68)
Mrs. Bridget F. Rogers (BSN ’77) and Mr. Burnell Thomas Rogers, Jr.
Dr. Mary Ann Rose and Dr. Walter Pories
Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation
C. D. Spangler Foundation, Inc.
Swank-Divine Trust
Taylor Foundation
Mr. David L. and Mrs. Elizabeth Ward
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Cecil Troy Wilson

Gold ($50,000 – $99,999)

Mrs. Kathleen Lossie Adams (BSN ’92; MSN ’97)
Mrs. Margaret Mills Bagg
Dr. William E. Brown (BA ’74, MA ’76, MD ’81) and
Dr. Sylvia T. Brown (BSN ’75, MSN ’78)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Erie Dianne Capps (BSN ’70)
Mrs. Mary Sue Cummings Deaton (BSN ’81, MSN ’91)
Mrs. Carol Dohm and Dr. Lynis Dohm
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fisher
Mr. Russell (BA ’71) and Mrs. Linda Fleming (MA ’76)
Estate of Eunice Garner
Estate of Warren Garst
Mr. Robert Kornegay Hunter (BS ’62)
Ms. Jacqueline Ish Hutcherson (MSN ’94)
Mrs. Brenda Morgan Jarman (BS ’73, MA ’77)
Ms. Jeanette Jones (BSN ’64)
The Seby B. Jones Family Foundation
Dr. Mary K. Kirkpatrick and Mr. Tom Kirkpatrick
Dr. James Ross Markello
Dr. Kenneth Everett Olive (MD ’82)
Estate of Ms. Barbara L. Oyler
Dr. Mary Raab
Mrs. Peggy Conway Reed
Estate of Martha W. Tarkington
Estate of Cecil Troy Wilson
Mrs. Nancy Windes
Dr. Annette B. Wysocki (BSN ’78, MA ’80)
Estate of Patricia A. Yow (BSN ’74)
Dr. Richard B. Yow

Silver ($25,000 – $49,999)

Mr. Martin and Mrs. Melissa Monroe Anderson (BSN ’95)
Mr. Kenneth A. Barlow (BA ’58, BA ’59, MBA ’61) and Mrs. Dale Antley Barlow
Mrs. Susan Sidbury Blake (BSN ’78)
Dr. Sandra S. Brotherton
Mr. A. A. De Simone
Mrs. Gilda Engiman Everett (BSN ’76; MSN ’94)
Dr. Andrea Johnson Fuller (BSN ’81) and Mr. Scott Fuller (BSN ’81)
Dr. Jennifer Lynn Graf-Perkins (DNP ’17)
Mr. Benjamin Vance Hardy (BS ’89) and Mrs. Laura H. Hardy (BA ’90)
Mr. Brode Harrell, Jr.
Dr. Phyllis N. Horns (BSN ’69) and Mr. Frederick Horns
JA’s Uniform shop
Dr. Bruce Klitzman and Mrs. Hardee Brown Klitzman
Mrs. Rosanne V. Leahy (BSN ’78) and Mr. Joseph Leahy
Mr. Harold W. Lloyd
The Lookout Foundation
Dr. William B. Martin
National Association of Bariatric Nurses, Inc.
North Carolina Circle of The King’s Daughters and Sons, Inc.
Pitt Memorial Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary
Mr. Nick Steward (BS ’07; MBA ’11)
Estate of Josephine Gray Twilley
University Health System
United Healthcare Svs., Inc.
United Health Systems
Vanguard Charitable Donor Advised Fund
CDR (Ret.) William P. Vurnakes (BS’72, BSN ’76) and Mrs. Julie H. Vurnakes (BSN ’83)
The Winton Family

Bronze ($10,000 – $24,999)

Mr. George Bodmer
Mr. Clifton Earl Boyd (BS ’56)
Dr. Christian Mann and Dr. Deanna Boyette (MD ’88)
Dr. Daphne Brewington (BSN ’90; MSN ’98; PhD NS ’13)
The Brody Brothers Foundation
Mr. Michael L. Bunting (BS ’61)
Capital Community Foundation
Mrs. Patricia Carr and Mr. Frank Carr
Ms. Eloise W. Cates
Dr. Mary Brimmage Chatman (BSN ’90, MSN ‘96, PhD ‘12)
ECU Health
ECU Senior Nursing ClassMrs. Mary Demaree
Mr. Neil (BS ’65; ME ’66) and Mrs. Donna Morgan Dorsey (BSN ’67)
Mrs. Nettie Evans (BSN ’79; MSN ’83)
Dr. Annette Greer (BSN ’91; MSN ’95; PhD NS ’07)
Mr. Rufus M Helms and Mrs. Christine Helms
Mrs. Mary Ellen Holland (BSN ’72, MSN ’97) and Dr. James Eugene Holland
Jefferson Pilot Foundation
Capt. (Ret.) Kathleen Pierce Johnson (BSN ’80) and Mr. Brian T. Johnson
Dr. Sharona Johnson (MSN ’05; PhD NS ’17)
Mrs. Sarah Best Jordan (BSN ’78)
Dr. Philip (PhD NS ’11) and Mrs. Brenda Julian
Dr. Wendy Leutgens (BSN ’87; DNP ’21)
Ms. Alice Etheridge Liles
T. A. Loving Company
Dr. Maura McAuliffe
Mr. Stephen Thomas Michaux-Smith (BSN ’04, MSN ’08) and
Mrs. Diana L. Michaux-Smith
Mr. Stephen S. Nelson (BA ’72)
Dr. Annette Peery (BSN ’17; MSN ’96)
Pirate Media Group, LLC
Pitt County American Legion Post 39 Inc.
Mrs. Diane Adkins Poole (BSN ’81; MSN ’88)
Ms. Sandra George Robinson (BSN ‘92)
Mr. Rick Russell
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Sigma Theta Tau International
Mrs. Madge Gay Dews Thompson (BSN ’77) and Dr. Stevan H Thompson
University Book Exchange Inc.
Dr. Robin Webb Varnell (MSN ’85, Cert. of Adv. Study ’12)
Estate of Eva W. Warren
Ms. Jo Ann M. Wever (BSN ’71)
Mrs. Amy Sluder Woodard (BSN ’95) and Mr. Charles Alan Woodard

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