MSN Tuition and Fees

Tuition costs are available on the Financial Services Page for campus based options and distance based options. There may be additional clinical fees when enrolled in clinical courses. Students must purchase individual liability insurance prior to enrolling in clinical courses.

Tuition Differential Charge

The College of Nursing may charge a tuition differential per credit hour for graduate classes in the MSN program, Post-Master’s Certificate options and doctoral programs. The additional tuition revenue is allocated to the College and is used to improve the quality of the graduate programs. The increased revenue provides financial assistance to those in need and those with superior credentials, provides funding for additional graduate student needs, and rewards excellent teachers and researchers needed to provide high quality instruction. It also supports operational expenses such as maintenance of labs, clinical/practicum site placements, clinical/practicum travel to visit sites and recruitment of faculty. In addition, there may be a clinical fee for each clinical/practicum course. These courses are more resource intensive and require a small student to faculty ratio to meet accreditation requirements.