Future Pirate Nurse Living & Learning Village

The Future Pirate Nurse Living and Learning Village (FPNLLV) is one of several living-learning communities at ECU. It brings a small group of freshmen intended nursing majors together in a residential environment that provides encouragement, support and enrichment activities. Our goal is to help students adjust to the ECU college environment, learn about aspects of the nursing profession, and be successful in their pursuit of becoming a Pirate Nurse. An attitude of community service and leadership is also a critical part of the program.

Program Components

FPNLLV students will:

  • Take BSN classes together during the fall and spring semester*
    • Fall Semester – CHEM 1120, HLTH 1000, COAD 1000 (6 hrs)
    • Spring Semester – CHEM 1130, NUTR 1000 (7 hrs)
  • Live together in the Ballard Residence Hall with the purpose of participating and contributing to a community of students that is conducive to academic achievement
  • Meet with their academic advisor at least once each semester
  • Grow academically, professionally and personally in their quest to become a Pirate Nurse by participating in events and programming throughout freshman year**
    • Programming will include things such as teambuilding, socials, nursing workshops, community service, etc.

*Students will be enrolled in the same sections by the program coordinator prior to registration each term.
** Attendance is required.


A maximum of 30 freshmen are selected for the program each year.

Location & Cost

FPNLLV students will be housed in Ballard Residence Hall. There are no additional costs associated with the FPNLLV beyond the standard room and board rates for the Ballard Residence Hall.

Applicants for the FPNLLV must also complete a Campus Living Housing Contract The contract should be submitted for the housing assignment desired if the applicant is NOT selected for the FPNLLV program. Students who are selected for the FPNLLV will have their housing assignment updated to Ballard by Campus Living staff.


FPNLLV students are required to room with another member of the Village, no exceptions. Selected students typically connect with one another via email and social media to determine roommate selection within the program. Students who do not select a roommate will be paired up by the program coordinator. Students selected for the FPNLLV typically have until mid-late June to confirm their roommate preference within the program.


To be eligible to apply to the FPNLLV program students must:

  • Be an admitted incoming freshman planning to pursue the BSN program at ECU.
  • Have a minimum 3.0 unweighted high school GPA.
  • Be able to enroll in at least one of the required program courses each semester (see Program Components above)
  • Submit a completed online application by the required deadline (details below)
  • Selected students cannot participate in any other LLC program, including the Honors College

Please note:

  • Being selected for the FPNLLV does NOT guarantee admission to ECU’s BSN program nor does it give students any additional preference during the admission process.
  • Students with a long-term goal of pursuing a pre-professional program such as medical school, PA school, PT, OT, etc. should speak with a nursing advisor to determine if the BSN program is the appropriate path for achieving this goal. Please email CONAdvising@ecu.edu


If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above and would like to apply for the program next year, you can access the online application at the link below.

2024-25 FPNLLV Application

Priority Application Deadline: March 1st

Final Application Deadline: April 1st

Late and incomplete applications will not be considered. All applicants will be notified via their ECU student email of their selection status no later than the end of April.

If you are interested in applying to the FPNLLV but did not select Intended Nursing on your ECU application, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@ecu.edu to have your major updated. You can still apply to the FPNLLV while you work on this update to your record.


If you have questions about the FPNLLV program please feel free to contact:

Abby Paul, FPNLLV Program Coordinator at paulab15@ecu.edu
Jana Hill, FPNLLV Academic Advisor at hillja18@ecu.edu


Please note: Some photos of indoor settings were taken prior to the COVID pandemic.